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Well, now you’ve really done it, Candy. She was free without a heart and twice as sharp without a brain. So lonely and so lost on the streets of the city without her fame.


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The way i like to look at our music, or at least a lot of it..i kinda feel like sometimes joy can be like a sword, joy isn’t happy it’s not about smiling. It’s something that’s deep within, and a lot of times joy is the only thing that really can be your weapon against everything else that’s coming in on you. So i like to write joyful songs, to be able to overcome opposition. I got to meet a few of you guys earlier today, and talk to you guys
and some of you guys had written some things down in letters, and i was reading them in my hotel room before we came out tonight to play this show and it meant a lot to me to kind of see where you were at, to see how are music
affected you and it reminded me a lot the feelings i had when i was younger going through different things and honestly it doesn’t change. The older you get i think the better you get at hiding it, but it doesnt change. You know we
all want the same things in life. We want community, we want love we want to be loved, we want to be liked, we want to be respected we want to be appreciated. But the thing that inspired me the most about you guys that i met earlier
is that just your hearts are so big and you guys are champions, facing everything that is coming at your right now you guys are champion yourself through it, and i just want to say that you’re not alone and that we’ve got each other we’ve got to press into each other
to help each other through all of this all of the things that we’re all figuring out. I know some of you guys are here right now and you just want to party, you don’t really wanna think about it and that’s cool i get that too.
I don’t want to preach it to you guys. But i just want say that you know it just means a lot to me it meant a lot to me to meet you guys earlier i’m super shy in public i don’t really know how to react, but then when i talk about it and i think about
it for like hours afterwards and process it ,i just really appreciate it. I feel you guys.

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storm over the serengeti. photos by nick nichols

Oh my goodness the mighty and very damp lions!


Photo by Kevin Winter


Photo by Kevin Winter